Paint Your Heart Out Tampa Bay!

On April 16, 2016 a team of volunteers from Frozen & Refrigerated Foods 'gave back' to the community.  Thanks to the volunteers who came out to serve!  We painted the home of two lovely ladies, mother and daughter.  In fact, there were three generations living in this home.  To highlight, below is a list of some of the things we did this year:

  • Painted the exterior of the house
  • Cleaned a lot of flower beds and landscape areas
  • Laid 60 bags of mulch
  • Installed a motion detector light
  • Painted the garden statues
  • Replaced two umbrellas
  • Planted some low maintenance plants in pots
  • Replaced old worn chair cushions with new ones
  • Painted the mailbox post and installed new numbers
  • Gave the homeowner some grocery coupons from those who participated

April 16, 2016

Enjoy the pictures below of what we accomplished that beautiful sunny day.  We are so blessed and greatly appreciate the opportunity to give back to our community!

Garden Area Before & After:


Front Before & 2 After Pictures:


Side Yard Before & After:


Back Yard Before & After:


Deck Before & After:


West Side Before & After:


Group Shots:  pictures during and some of the 'after' results







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