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Paint Your Heart Out Tampa Bay!

What a great day we had!  On April 21, 2012 a team of 33 volunteers from your FRFA 'gave back' to the community by participating in Paint Your Heart Out Tampa!  There were a total of 101 houses painted in one day and we finished ours in record time due to the great preparation by our homeowner, hard work by the attending painters and knowing it was going to rain late afternoon!

Thanks to all of our volunteers who came out to serve and worked so hard!  Special thanks goes to those who took on special projects such as:

  • Nancy Criswell, Linda Dyer, Cindy Griffin, Linda Lamberson and Dan Maloney for their magic touch to landscaping!

  • Steve Meyer for his talent and willingness to repair and fix anything!

  • Bill McLeod for his 'Front Porch' management in making it the best porch in that zip code!. (He's called the 'Front Porch Manager' because it took him almost all day to paint it.)

  • Ed Towle for keeping my nephew Dennis busy and out of trouble.

  • Julie VanAcker for another great lunch from Wright's Gourmet.

  • ConAgra and Acosta Sales where each company had an army of people there in support of this worthy charity!

  • And of course all of the rest of the volunteers who not only worked hard all day, but went over the to next door neighbor's house to help them clean up their lawn!

  • To all of you a really big THANKS!

April 21, 2012

Enjoy the pictures below of what we accomplished.  We are so blessed and greatly appreciate the opportunity to give back to our community, not to mention what a great couple our homeowners were.   They welcomed us and were fully engaged to ensure we had fun!



Before we started painting...

It needed some landscaping...

and more landscaping!

During & After:


The painting crew...uh, could you get a little closer?

That's better!

Cindy happily shaping a bush.

Great support by the ConAgra team!

Thanks to Ed for keeping my newphew (Dennis) busy throughout the day and out of trouble!

As food people we truly enjoy eating great food!

Just getting started!

Before painting a lot of scraping was done.

Ginger adding her special touch...she's so happy!

Speaking of happy, look at this smile!

Some were happy, some were very focused.

While others were trying to hide behind palms.

Katie and her fiance enjoying each others company.

We did a lot of landscaping.

More eating....told you so!

Even more eating...hey, is anybody going to get back to work?

OK, that's better!

Painting the front...

and the side.

Mr. McNess' pineapple (one of many!)

Our happy homeowner in her 'Red Hat' attire.

And out 'Red Hat' handywork in landscaping!

A closer shot!

Did I say we put down a lot of mulch?

And we're still smiling!

While others watch others work.

And others worked....we finally finished the house.

Here's the front of the house painted.

The homeowner added these flamingos for his special touch!

A lot of mulch was put down today...sank you, sank you berry mulch!

The finished front porch with newly painted sidewalk.

A better picture of the front finished.

Here's another shot of the finshed front.

What a great way to end the day by hanging a fresh new American Flag...God Bless America!

Thank you!


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